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Company Overview

Softwin Technologies has been dedicated to delivering quality education and knowledge to the SAP ecosystem for over a decade. The dedication attests to our claim that we are India’s biggest and most reputable SAP-authorized education partner.

We offer plenty of training options because we understand that professionals have different training needs. We are the top teaching organization in Indore, with training facilities spread across multiple locations. We have trained professionals working for prestigious multinational corporations. In addition, we use only real situations in all of the courses.

Whether you are a student, a new employee, or a working professional, you can achieve your job goals with the help of our real-time coaches and a customized training program. We also offer 100% placement assistance with mock interviews.

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SAP Authorised Training
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Our Current Course Offerings

Softwin Technologies provides a variety of SAP courses to assist people and companies in developing their SAP skills and expertise.

SAP courses are given by qualified SAP-certified trainers that provide hands-on training and real-life situations to participants to assist them obtain real-world expertise with SAP systems. The educational courses are designed to meet the industry’s current and forthcoming expectations, as well as to give learners with the abilities and expertise needed to function successfully using SAP platforms.


Industry-Leading Placements

Our program offers industry-leading placements, helping students find top jobs in their field of study. We work closely with companies to provide relevant experience and valuable connections that launch students' careers.

100% Tuition Fee & No Extra Charge

Our educational program offers 100% tuition fee coverage and does not require any additional charges. We provide a comprehensive learning experience that is accessible to everyone

We Arrange Many Events & Meetup

Our team is dedicated to organizing a diverse range of events and meetups that provide opportunities for people to connect, share knowledge, and engage in meaningful discussions

Teaching In Digital Classroom

Teaching in a digital classroom involves using a reliable video conferencing platform, providing clear instructions, using multimedia tools, encouraging collaboration, and using assessments to gauge student learning.


Digital Laboratory

1 +

Award & Certification

10 +


100 +


Why Softwin Technologies for SAP Education?

Transform with SAP for a better tomorrow

Individuals can advance their performances on a global level through SAP training programs, which are aligned with the evolving global business environment. Since we are an authorized SAP training center in Indore, the instruction certification we issue is recognized globally. Your individual SAP-LMS ID will be provided in conjunction with your training registration.

Classes assist participants in gaining the abilities and expertise required to take on even the most difficult tasks. We guarantee a quick return on investment when choosing the best career route to an affluent and successful SAP career. Our training program assists people in becoming more confident and better prepared for work applications, interviews, and assessment days.

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