Professional Learning Hub (PLH)

SAP Learning Hub, Professional Edition (PLH)

SAP Learning Hub Professional Edition (PLH) is a cloud-based learning platform that provides access to SAP’s extensive library of training courses and resources. SAP Learning Hub Professional Edition is designed to help professionals acquire and develop the skills they need to effectively use SAP software.

PLH offers a wide range of learning content, including interactive courses, simulations, e-books, and certification exam preparation materials. The content covers various SAP products and functional areas such as finance, logistics, and human resources.

Key Features of PLH

Learning Rooms: PLH offers learning rooms that are virtual classrooms where learners can interact with instructors and peers, access learning content, and participate in hands-on exercises.

SAP Live Access: SAP Live Access provides access to live SAP systems for learners to practice their skills in a safe and controlled environment.

SAP Certification: PLH provides access to SAP certification exam preparation materials and enables learners to take the certification exams online.

Learning Journeys: PLH provides a personalized learning path for each learner, based on their job role, skill level, and learning preferences.

Course Details

SAP Learning Hub’s professional edition offers 12 months of access to:

  • SAP Learning Journey guides illustrate recommended paths to solution competency.
  • Self-paced digital learning content in a variety of formats and languages, including e-learning courses, e-books, and knowledge assessments.
  • Live sessions led by SAP experts and peer-to-peer learning experiences in SAP Learning Rooms.
  • Access to SAP learning systems for 60 hours per year
  • Learners have access to current learning content and assessments to keep their skills up-to-date.


  • Learn SAP software skills through expert-led online, collaborative, and hands-on training.
  • Benefit from the flexibility to learn what, where, and how you want.
  • Ensure SAP software adoption and ROI are maximized.


A SAP professional is someone who is involved in the implementation or deployment of SAP software, such as a consultant, an administrator, a developer, etc.

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